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Cucumber Quest: The Melody Kingdom

Cucumber Quest: The Melody Kingdom

Cucumber Quest (Volume 3)

Gigi D.G.

First Second


Now with Princess Nautilus as part of their entourage, Cucumber and Almond travel to Trebleopolis to warn Princess Piano that Noisemaster, second of the Nightmare Knight's minions, might be after her! Unfortunately, they arrive just in time for Queen Cymbal's birthday and the Queen refuses to stop the festivities . . . that is until Noisemaster succeeds in capturing Princess Piano and threatens to destroy the city.

Adapted from the popular webcomic series of the same name, Gigi D.G.'s Cucumber Quest: The Melody Kingdom is the third book of a clever, adorable, and hilarious four-volume heroic adventure that is sure to make you hungry for sweets and action.

Praise for Cucumber Quest: The Melody Kingdom

"Those familiar with the offbeat humor of cartoons like Adventure Time will be easy converts and should feel at home in this kooky world."—Kirkus -

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Gigi D.G.

Gigi D.G. is a comic artist from southern California who occasionally does concept work for animation and video games. She started creating Cucumber Quest in 2011, and it is her first published work.

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