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Raffie on the Run

Raffie on the Run

Jacqueline Resnick; illustrated by Joe Sutphin

Roaring Brook Press


The Cricket in Times Square meets Finding Nemo—a subway rat must cross New York City to bring his lost little brother home.

Raffie Lipton lives a rat’s dream life. In his family’s subway station home, he has all the food he can forage from the treasure chests humans call trash cans, and the perfect shoebox bed for telling his brother his famous adventure stories. But when one of those stories goes awry and his little brother is taken from their Brooklyn subway station, Raffie must set out on an adventure across the city to find him. Along the way, he meets other urban animals—a street-wise pigeon, a pampered show dog, a genteel cockroach—and he faces hungry cats, greedy squirrels, and sewer rat kings.

In Raffie on the Run, Jaqueline Resnick crafts a tale of friendship and adventure, where a little rat with a big imagination must embark on his own real-life story, and find the inner hero he isn’t sure he has.



Rat Race

I scurry along a pipe, the smell of pizza still fresh in my snout. I climb over a cinder block, weave around a glob of dust, and squeeze through a crack in the insulation. I strike a pose as my paws land...

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Jacqueline Resnick; illustrated by Joe Sutphin

Jacqueline Resnick spent twelve years living in Manhattan and Brooklyn, where every once in a while she was lucky enough to spot a subway rat at her local station. She now lives with her family in New Jersey. Jacqueline is the author of Raffie on the Run.

Joe Sutphin lives in a red barn in Ohio. He’s the illustrator of Word of Mouse by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein, and when he’s not drawing, he can be found outside, looking under rocks for critters.

Roaring Brook Press

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