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Last Pick: Rise Up

Last Pick: Rise Up

Last Pick (Volume 3)

Jason Walz

First Second


Earth's last hope are also the last picked, in this thrilling conclusion of Jason Walz's dystopian graphic trilogy, Last Pick: Rise Up.

Wyatt is now the reluctant leader of the "last picked"—the disabled, the elderly, and those deemed too young to be useful for hard labor by their alien captors. But how can he and his ragtag allies take down an entire alien federation?

Meanwhile, Wyatt's twin sister Sam and her girlfriend Mia are creating chaos all over the galaxy in an attempt to rescue Sam's parents. But even if the family is reunited, can they stay alive long enough to see the end of the alien regime?


First Second's #SketchSchool with Jason Walz for LAST PICK

In First Second's #SketchSchool series, you'll see your favorite graphic novelists draw their characters and create graphic worlds right in front of your eyes! You can follow along and try to learn new skills, or just watch the magic happen. Stay tuned on Tuesdays for more videos! In this next installment, you'll watch Jason Walz draw The Sheriff from the Last Pick series, which is now available wherever books are sold.

Praise for Last Pick: Rise Up

Praise for Last Pick: Rise Up:

"This is an adventure-filled sci-fi novel that sensitively highlights the humanity and heroism of those whom society sees as marginalized or unimportant. The characters in this dystopian landscape simply exist in their identities, free of stereotypes, while acknowledging the challenges they face... A must for fans of the earlier installments."—School Library Journal

Praise for the Last Pick series:

"Walz’s series has been consistently fantastic, with its inclusive worldbuilding and electrifying pacing coupled with dazzling, cinematically styled art... An affecting and unforgettable SF series with heart."—Kirkus


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Jason Walz

Jason Walz is a comic creator and teacher working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Born in the south, he bounced around between Kentucky and Tennessee before working his way up north. He is best known for his debut graphic novel Homesick, which was nominated for a 2014 Eisner. He followed that up with the creation of an online comic series called Crap Shoot where he worked with some of today's biggest comic creators. A Story for Desmond is a bedtime story about loss and the gifts left behind by those who are gone.

Jason's three-book series called Last Pick pulls from his desire for his children to grow up reading about a diverse world full of young people exceeding the expectations others may place on them.

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Emily LaShorne Walz

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