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Freezing Vol. 7-8

Freezing Vol. 7-8

Freezing (Volume 4)

Story by Dall-Young Lim; Art by Kwang-Hyun Kim

Seven Seas


Trade Paperback


After a hard-won battle, Kazuya and Satellizer are ready for a break—and what better place than the El Bridget family’s resort in Bali! But what should be a relaxing (and romantic!) vacation soon takes a dark turn when Luis, Satellizer’s abusive estranged half-brother, makes a surprise appearance. Luis is a Limiter now, and seems like a changed man—but an obsession as twisted as his doesn’t disappear so easily. How can an ordinary guy like Kazuya navigate this powerful family’s dark secret?

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Story by Dall-Young Lim; Art by Kwang-Hyun Kim

DALL YOUNG-LIM is a Korean author best known as the creator of Black God and Freezing.

KWANG-HYUN KIM is a Korean artist best known for his work on Freezing.