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Dreamin' Sun Vol. 1

Dreamin' Sun Vol. 1

Dreamin' Sun (Volume 1)

Story and art by Ichigo Takano

Seven Seas


A heartfelt comedy from the creator of orange!

Shimana Kameko lives in a home where she feels she doesn’t belong. Her mother is dead, her father has remarried, and her six-month-old baby brother takes up everyone’s attention. Kameko skips school and runs away to a nearby park, where she literally stumbles over a mysterious man in a kimono. The stranger, Fujiwara Taiga, offers Kameko a place to stay—on three conditions. The first condition is that Kameko tell him why she ran away from home. The second is that she fetch the stranger’s lost apartment key (he is locked out!). The third condition is…to have a dream. Kameko meets the conditions, moves in, and begins a journey of romance and self-discovery.

Praise for Dreamin' Sun Vol. 1

"Takano's combination of mental health issues with shoujo romance themes sets this up to be worth reading..." --Rebecca Silverman, Anime News Network

"...Dreamin’ Sun has strong writing, thematic heft, and clean pacing. This is a strong debut volume, and hopefully a sign of things to come." --Alex Hoffman, Sequential State


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Story and art by Ichigo Takano

Ichigo Takano, a Japanese manga-ka who specializes in shoujo manga, is the Eisner-nominated creator of orange. Her titles include:

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