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Freezing Vol. 17-18

Freezing Vol. 17-18

Freezing (Volume 9)

Story by Dall-Young Lim; Art by Kwang-Hyun Kim

Seven Seas



The Valkyries are put to the test in a group exercise to show off their talents! But when things go wrong, they find themselves facing their fellow Pandora, who have been driven mad by visions of unknown origin. While the Valkyries try to get their former squadmates back under control, Kazuya tries to free Satellizer from her own nightmares before they consume them both. But is Kazuya’s love truly strong enough to save her?

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Story by Dall-Young Lim; Art by Kwang-Hyun Kim

Dall-Young Lim is a Korean author best known as the creator of Black God and Freezing.

Kwang-Hyun Kim is a Korean artist best known for his work on Freezing.