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Golden Time Vol. 9

Golden Time Vol. 9

Golden Time (Volume 9)

Story by Yuyuko Takemiya; Art by Umechazuke

Seven Seas


Trade Paperback


Banri’s old memories are starting to come back, which means his memories of his current life are going away. Everything he did in college, everyone he met–no matter how hard he tries to hold on, it’s all vanishing. What path will Banri and Kouko’s lives take? Will their relationship survive? The bittersweet romantic comedy comes to a close!


Praise for Golden Time Vol. 9

“This is Takemiya’s writing. Emotional, dramatic—perhaps even a little melodramatic—butintelligent and insightful, with a fine-grained eye for psychological detailand relational nuance and an infallible sense for how to bring everything to aboil..”–Carl Kimlinger, Anime News Network

Reviews from Goodreads

Story by Yuyuko Takemiya; Art by Umechazuke

Yuyuko Takemiya is the author of Toradora!, Golden Time, and Evergreen.

Umechazuke is a Japanese manga artist best known as the artist of Golden Time.