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Spirit Circle Vol. 3

Spirit Circle Vol. 3

Spirit Circle (Volume 3)

Story and art by Satoshi Mizukami

Seven Seas


Trade Paperback


Fuuta and Kouko are bound together by fate–the fate of having killed each other in seven past lives! As they discover their shared history in ancient South America, Egypt, medieval Europe, and beyond, truth after astonishing truth is revealed. The secret behind their interwoven fates will soon be a secret no more!

Praise for Spirit Circle Vol. 3

"...a cast of characters that allows Mizukami to once again couple his own deep understanding of the ambiguities of emotion and desire and loneliness with his totally particular brand of wry humor to tell a story authentic and revealing." --Austin Price, Anime News Network

“Satoshi Mizukami’s Spirit Circle is about destiny and reincarnation. More meaningfully, it’s about forgiveness and compassion—how to heal your blood rift. It’s a series that warns the reader implicitly against binge reading, while also acknowledging that the reader, like the main character, will be way too invested to listen." --Claire Napier, Comics Alliance


Reviews from Goodreads

Story and art by Satoshi Mizukami

Satoshi Mizukami is a Japanese artist best known as the creator of Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer, Sengoku Youko, and his critically-acclaimed Spirit Circle. He also provided a one-shot story for the Trigun: Multiple Bullets anthology released by Dark Horse.