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Bloom into You Vol. 5

Bloom into You Vol. 5

Bloom into You (Volume 5)

Story and art Nakatani Nio

Seven Seas


Trade Paperback


They might be on vacation, but the play is still on everyone’s minds. Touko is already starting to worry about what will happen after it’s over, and Yuu wants to change the script’s ending. Stressing about the play isn’t the only thing they’re doing, though. It’s summer break, after all–so Yuu invites Touko out to the aquarium!

Praise for Bloom into You Vol. 5

"For anyone that’s looking for a good romance comic that defies expectations and is relatively chaste, Bloom Into You is a good choice..." Alex Hoffman, Sequential State

“[...] the story and characters here are excellent, and while it may seem like your typical high-school yuri romance, I was surprised several times throughout. Definitely recommended.” - Sean Gaffney, Manga BookShelf


Reviews from Goodreads

Story and art Nakatani Nio

Nakatani Nio is a Japanese manga creator best known for Bloom Into You.