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My Humongous Hamster Goes to School

My Humongous Hamster Goes to School

My Humongous Hamster

Lorna Freytag

Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)


He's back, and bigger than ever! My humongous hamster heads to school in this sequel, and hilarity ensues. He eats all the packed lunches; he twirls in dance class; he plays hopscotch and takes a turn on the slide. But at the end of the day, he's tired, and so he shrinks back to normal hamster size . . . until the next time he's humongously hungry!

Praise for My Humongous Hamster Goes to School

“[A] massively adorable follow-up to My Humongous Hamster (2014) . . . Younger children will giggle at the visual absurdity and find the temptation to stroke the hamster's fine, glowing coat irresistible.” —Booklist

“Author/illustrator Freytag spins her dreamlike photo compositions into a clever what-if fantasy starring a dinosaur-size hamster.” —Publishers Weekly on My Humongous Hamster

“A story with a big, irresistible pet.” —Kirkus on My Humongous Hamster

“Too big for the house, the lumbering beast (still awful cute, though) wreaks light havoc all around town . . . what makes this extra-adorable is that Freytag illustrates with photo collages to create such amusing sights as the hamster lording over a cityscape or helping a little girl from a tree.” —Daniel Kraus, Booklist Online Exclusive on My Humongous Hamster

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Lorna Freytag

Lorna Freytag has worked as a photographer in New York, Dubai, London and Sydney. She uses her many scribbled sketchbooks, digital camera and post-production techniques to bring her ideas to life.

Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)

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