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African Exodus

African Exodus

The Origins of Modern Humanity

Christopher Stringer and Robin McKie

Henry Holt and Co.


A Choice Outstanding Academic Book
A Library Journal Best Sci-Tech Book
A New York Times Notable Book

Once in a generation a book such as African Exodus emerges to transform the way we see ourselves. This landmark book, which argues that our genes betray the secret of a single racial stock shared by all of modern humanity, has set off one of the most bitter debates in contemporary science. "We emerged out of Africa," the authors cont, "less than 100,000 years ago and replaced all other human populations." Employing persuasive fossil and genetic evidence (the proof is in the blood, not just the bones) and an exceptionally readable style, Stringer and McKie challenge long-held beliefs that suggest we evolved separately as different races with genetic roots reaching back two million years.

Praise for African Exodus

"Amid the spate of books in recent years that have discussed various aspects of human evolution, this intellectually potent yet eminently accessible volume, previously published to acclaim in Britain, stands tall. It provides broad insight into a complex field, and fulfills the authors' aim of wanting 'to help us understand what it means to be human."—Publishers Weekly


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Christopher Stringer and Robin McKie

Chris Stringer is the author of the widely acclaimed African Exodus, Lone Survivors, and more than two hundred books and papers on the subject of human evolution. One of the world's foremost paleoanthropologists, he is a researcher at the Natural History Museum in London and a Fellow of the Royal Society. He has three children and lives in Sussex and London.

Robin McKie is the Science Editor of the Observer in London.

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Natural History Museum London