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Cosmo Familia Vol. 2

Cosmo Familia Vol. 2

Cosmo Familia (Volume 2)

Story and art by Hanokage

Seven Seas



Six years ago, the cute but destructive alien creatures called “Cosmofs” began running wild. Now Amakawa Alice must find her missing mother Raika, who holds the key to pacifying them. Alice falls down a mysterious well and lands in her mother’s home—twenty years in the past! Through her adventures with this younger version of her mother, can Alice discover the secrets of the Cosmofs?

Praise for Cosmo Familia Vol. 2

"Hanokage’s first installment of Cosmo Familia brings some familiar tropes of the genre but also does enough with [its] subversive elements to create a fun experience..." --Gaming Trend -

Story and art by Hanokage

Hanokage is a Japanese manga creator best known as the artist for the Puella Magi Madoka Magica manga in addition to Cosmo Familia.