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Tales of Ancient Worlds

Adventures in Archaeology

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Author: Stefan Milosavljevich; illustrated by Sam Caldwell

Tales of Ancient Worlds

Tales of Ancient Worlds


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Exciting nonfiction stories of intrepid archaeologists and their amazing discoveries from history, written by archaeology YouTuber Stefan Milosavljevich.
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What links shipwrecks, Egyptian treasure, and fossilized Viking poop? They’re all things that have been discovered by archaeologists!

Pick up your shovel and Indiana Jones hat and dig into the world of archaeology in Tales of Ancient Worlds, a nonfiction kids’ book by YouTuber Stefan Milosavljevich – the perfect gift for budding archaeologists! Alongside beautiful illustrations by Sam Caldwell you’ll find incredible tales from history, including:

• The ancient Egyptian city found at the bottom of the ocean
• The terracotta army that hid underground for 2,000 years
• The mysterious Ice Age temple made from mammoth bones

Along the way you’ll also find out if you have what it takes to be an archaeologist, unearth (literally) groundbreaking scientific techniques, and meet the pioneering women and men who have brought the past back to life.

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"Tales of Ancient Worlds is a wonderful gift for any child of elementary to middle school age. But I would not hesitate to start a child as young as 4 on this book as an evening reader. The illustrations alone are enough to invoke curiosity and start discussion." -- Archaeology Review

"A high point of the book is that appropriate credit is given to Indigenous custodians of heritage worldwide, such as the Mirarr traditional owners of Madjedbebe... this book will delight anyone with a budding interest in archaeology." --Nature

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Tales of Ancient Worlds

Tales of Ancient Worlds