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Tales of the Prehistoric World

Adventures from the Land of the Dinosaurs

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Author: Kallie Moore; illustrated by Becky Thorns

Tales of the Prehistoric World

Tales of the Prehistoric World


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Exciting tales of amazing dinosaurs and intrepid paleontologists, written by YouTuber Kallie Moore.
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Travel back to the land before time to discover real dinosaur stories from the world of paleontology—featuring T. rex, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops.

Young children will enjoy thrilling tales of intrepid paleontologists discovering jaw-dropping fossils in the first book by Kallie Moore – fossil expert and host of PBS Eons on YouTube. Kids will come face-to-face with incredible prehistoric beasts including the dinosaurs that fossilized into gemstones, the shark with a saw in its mouth, and the pterosaur the size of an airplane!

As well as stories from the Jurassic era, beautifully brought to life by illustrator Becky Thorns, Tales of the Prehistoric World also whizzes back in time even further to meet the first walking fish, before speeding forwards to hang out with mammoths and saber-toothed cats.

Along the way young readers will discover what it takes to be a paleontologist!

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"Will please both fledgling and confirmed dinophiles... An insider’s view of exciting sites and finds, with prehistoric portraits aplenty to match." --Kirkus

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Tales of the Prehistoric World

Tales of the Prehistoric World