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Frogs (A Day in the Life)

What Do Frogs, Toads, and Tadpoles Get Up to All Day?

A Day in the Life

Author: Itzue W. Caviedes-Solis; illustrated by Henry Rancourt

Frogs (A Day in the Life)

Frogs (A Day in the Life)

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A gripping story set over 24 hours where readers will come face-to-face with the most amazing frogs and toads in the world, written by expert Dr. Itzue W. Caviedes-Solis.
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Set over 24 hours, meet see-through frogs, tiny tadpoles, and rampaging toads in this kids' nonfiction book by expert Dr. Itzue W. Caviedes-Solis.

Journey into the rainforest to follow the lives of these nocturnal animals as they dance, hunt, and fight their way through their day. Frog scientist and conservationist Dr. Itzue W. Caviedes-Solis tells the story of the world’s most amazing frogs and toads in the style of a nature documentary, including gentle science explanations of topics such as metamorphosis that are perfect for future biologists. Witness incredible moments including:

• The frog that can turn blue
• A wolverine frog that shoots claws out from beneath its skin
• A female frog that absorbs frogspawn into its own skin!

Beautifully illustrated by Henry Rancourt and packed with animal facts, Frogs (A Day in the Life) encourages kids to look at the incredible roles these mind-boggling amphibians play in ecosystems across the globe.

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"Herpetologist Caviedes-Solis makes a strong case for looking at frogs with wonder... In tandem with Rancourt’s clear, colorful explanatory illustrations, Caviedes-Solis’ stories enchant as they reveal more and more about the many ways frogs adapt and pass life on to new tadpoles. An impressive primer on one of nature’s most fascinating animal families." --Kirkus

"The text tells a playful story and delivers a great deal of information... accompanied by colorful, detailed spreads that engage readers." --SLJ

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Frogs (A Day in the Life)

Frogs (A Day in the Life)