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Birds (A Day in the Life)

What Do Flamingos, Owls, and Penguins Get Up To All Day?

A Day in the Life

Author: Dr. Alex Bond; illustrated by Henry Rancourt

Birds (A Day in the Life)

Birds (A Day in the Life)

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A beautifully illustrated nonfiction story for kids about birds, following owls, flamingos, penguins, and more over the course of one day.
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Set over a 24-hour period, meet speedy ostriches, tiny hummingbirds, and majestic eagles in this kids’ nonfiction book about the coolest birds in the world.

Soar through the skies to follow the lives of our feathered friends as they fight, dance, and play their way through their day. Ornithologist Dr. Alex Bond tells the story of the world’s most amazing birds in the style of a nature documentary, including gentle science explanations perfect for future biologists. Witness incredible moments including:

• A bald eagle on a fishing trip
• Pink flamingos dancing to impress potential mates
• A barn owl hunting in the dusk

Beautifully illustrated by Henry Rancourt and packed with animal facts, Birds (A Day in the Life) encourages kids to look at the incredible roles wild birds play in ecosystems across the globe.

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"How select birds wake up, make nests or bowers, lay and tend eggs, fly, chow down, and end the day... A bright, brisk addition to the murmuration of bird books." --Kirkus

"There are lots of really interesting short stories and loads of pictures, which also made it easier to read. It is set over a whole day, and you find out lots of facts about birds. Some birds are really funny, like the flamingos who march back and forth like the guards at Buckingham Palace." --WILD WORLD magazine

Praise for the A Day in the Life series:

"From action scenes to tidbits of intriguing information to paragraphs of explanation, the text has plenty to offer animal lovers. Varied in layout, these fully illustrated books feature vibrant, stylized artwork with distinctive palettes. An attractive series for kids intrigued by animals in the wild." --Booklist

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Birds (A Day in the Life)

Birds (A Day in the Life)