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Crimson Empire Vol. 3

Crimson Empire Vol. 3

Circumstances to Serve a Noble

Crimson Empire

Story by QuinRose; Art by Hazuki Futaba

Seven Seas


Trade Paperback

The dramatic conclusion to the shoujo trilogy by the author of New York Times bestseller Alice in the Country of Clover

In the final volume of this trilogy, the relationship between Sheila, Prince Edvard, and Prince Justin is not what you'd call "normal." Sheila, born into a life of hardship, is now Price Edvard's head maid, but is caught up in a desperate love triangle between Edvard and his brother Justin. As the three continue their dance of courtship and skkullduggery, Sheila must come to terms with her own true feelings. When the smoke clears, which prince wil she choose and who will sit upon the throne?

The gripping conclusion to a three-part tale of romance and court intrigue!

Reviews from Goodreads

Story by QuinRose; Art by Hazuki Futaba

QuinRose is a Japanese game developer who created the Alice franchise of video games, which spun off into novels, manga, and an anime feature film.
Hazuki Futaba is a Japanese manga artist and light novel illustrator best known for his work on Crimson Empire: Circumstances to Serve a Noble