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Building Harlequin's Moon

Building Harlequin's Moon

Larry Niven and Brenda Cooper

Tor Science Fiction



Mass Market Paperbound

The first interstellar starship, John Glenn, fled a Solar System populated by rogue AIs and machine/human hybrids, threatened by too much nanotechnology and rife with political dangers. The John Glenn's crew intended to terraform the nearly pristine planet Ymir, in hopes of creating a utopian society that will limit intelligent technology.
But by some miscalculation they have landed in another solar system, and extremely low on the antimatter needed to continue to Ymir, they must shape the nearby planet Harlequin's moon, Selene, into a new, temporary home. Their only hope of ever reaching Ymir is to rebuild their store of antimatter through decades of terraforming the moon.
Gabriel, the head terraformer, must lead this nearly impossible task, with all the wrong materials. His primary tools are the uneducated and nearly illiterate children of the original colonists, born and bred to build Harlequin's moon into a virtual antimatter factory. With no concept of the future and with life defined as duty, one girl, Rachel Vanowen, begins to ask herself the question: what will become of the children of Selene once the terraforming is complete.


Chapter One: Teaching Grove

Rachel reached for the seedling. Her long fingers found the pliant trunk, thin as her pinkie, buried inside the furled branches. She unwrapped gauzy material from the root ball with her free hand, separating...


Praise for Building Harlequin's Moon

“Niven and Cooper have crafted a multi-generational, star-spanning epic, with intriguing, fast-paced action. Against a backdrop of mind-boggling technology, the authors ask important questions about how far science should go, and its impact on social structures and human rights. Niven and Cooper are playing God on a grand scale.” —Brian Herbert, New York times bestselling author of Dune: The Battle of Corrin on Building Harlequin's Moon

“Recent astronomy hints at a beautiful but stark vision of the solar systems around us. Building Harlequin’s Moon is the best fiction I’ve seen based on this vision.” —Vernor Vinge, Hugo Award--winning author of A Fire Upon the Dee

“Fans of both hard and softer, psychological SF will welcome veteran Niven and newcomer Cooper's well-written tale of a 60,000-year layover in space. . . . Niven and Cooper provide complicated characters, particularly the AI, which struggle with realistic moral dilemmas.” —Publishers Weekly on Building Harlequin's Moon

“Larry Niven and Brenda Cooper colonization novel is a hugely ambitious, meticulously rendered feast for both head and heart. I can't wait to see what they do next!” —Steven Barnes on Building Harlequin's Moon

“Larry Niven and Brenda Cooper have accomplished that most difficult of tasks, a novel full of real, hard science, but character-driven from the first page. The scope is enormous, but the focus is intimate, with characters who live and breathe. A marvelous read!” —Louis Marley on Building Harlequin's Moon

Building Harlequin's Moon is a big tale, well told. Wonderful world-building and characters you can care about.” —Syne Mitchell

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About the author

Larry Niven and Brenda Cooper

Larry Niven is the award-winning author of the Ringworld series, along with many other science fiction masterpieces, and fantasy novels including the Magic Goes Away series. He has received the Nebula Award, five Hugos, four Locus Awards, two Ditmars, the Prometheus, and the Robert A. Heinlein Award, among other honors. He lives in Chatsworth, California.

Brenda Cooper is the author of the Silver Ship series--The Silver Ship and the Sea, Reading the Wind, and Wings of Creation. She has also published many short stories, including a collaboration with Larry Niven--""Ice and Mirrors""--in Scatterbrain. She lives in Kirkland, Washington.

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