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Comfort Zone Investing

Comfort Zone Investing

Build Wealth and Sleep Well at Night

Ted Allrich

St. Martin's Press




Investing doesn't have to be stressful. Read this book to help you make money---and relax. You'll find what you need to know about the stock market, what moves it, what makes a great stock, and insider tips on how to invest. It's all in language you can understand, with easy-to-follow directions, so you can start building wealth today and sleep well tonight.

Inside you'll find the secrets of investing professionals, as well as the essentials of building a Core Portfolio that works for you in good times and bad. It's not about overnight success. It's about slowly and surely increasing your financial well-being with tested ideas that have proven themselves worthy of your money.

In a few hours, you'll learn more than most investors do in a lifetime. Ted Allrich spent more than thirty years on Wall Street, including ten as an investment adviser, and his knowledge will help you succeed.

If you want to understand the stock market, invest without stress, and make sound investments, this book is for you.


Chapter One

Using Mutual Funds

Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.

—Woody Allen

Money. It's what we all want, and need—for so many different reasons. Once we've got the basic necessities...

About the author

Ted Allrich

Ted Allrich lives in Northern California. He has an MBA from Stanford University and founded the Web site The Online Investor, based on his bestselling book of the same name. He also manages money for private clients and is the Vice Chairman of the Board of Bank of Internet USA, Inc.

Ted Allrich

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