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An Erotic Memoir of Extravagant Tastes and Extreme Desires

Susan Winemaker

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Susan Winemaker has lived a life that many women secretly desire, but few admit to...

Concertina is the tale of a young chef who abandons her life in the restaurant kitchens of London to satisfy an appetite of a different kind and become one of the most well-known and respected dominatrixes on the city's S&M scene. This is a delicious memoir from Susan Winemaker that spans five years, employs all the tools of her various trades -- copper bowls, tarte pans, nipple clamps, rubber panties, and, of course, the finely-made leather whip - to take the reader inside the world of sadomasochism and its players. Pleasure comes in a variety of flavors and Winemaker is unflinching in the description of her clients' desires from bondage and beating to cross-dressing, humiliation and beyond. The only thing that's off-limits is love, but of course, love always intrudes, even in the life of a successful dominatrix. She falls in love with Adam - a high-powered, beautifully-muscled, buttoned-down City executive - addicted to the extreme physical sensations only Susan can give him. And, in response, Susan becomes addicted to a feeling she never had for any of her other clients. Is it love or lust? As they take their games of erotic exploration out of the dungeon and into their everyday lives, the consequences of falling in love and removing the bonds of the dungeon exact their price and Susan ends her journey somewhat the wiser about herself - both in the bedroom and the kitchen. Concertina is a smart, stylish, witty and eloquent exploration of one woman's journey and obsession that will leave readers questioning their own appetites and desires.


CONCERTINA (Chapter 1)Work Ethics
It's 11:25 a.m. and I'm sitting on and suffocating Bernie. I'm wearing a black rubber skirt that looks like a ballerina's tutu and in my hands are ten-pence coins with which I'm rapidly flicking his nipples....


Praise for Concertina

“…rich, layered, funny, tragic and mature beyond its years.” —Chatelaine

“…lyrical, poignant, and multi-layered, like a delicate pastry, or perhaps more like an onion, the increasingly sharp layers of which can sometimes make your eyes sting but that you know will add intense flavour to your dish.” —The Globe and Mail

“…beautifully imagined…” —The Toronto Star

“…an addictive memoir with a sexual twist. Some of the details may make more prudish readers squirm, but it's worth a little discomfort for a glimpse into Winemaker's world.” —The Calgary Herald

“The suffocations and constrictions of Winemaker's existence concertina out into moments of sublime freedom.” —The National Post

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About the author

Susan Winemaker

SUSAN WINEMAKER grew up in Toronto. She majored in philosophy and trained in the culinary arts in Montreal. She is now based in London. Concertina is her first book.

Susan Winemaker

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