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Cutting Loose

Cutting Loose

Nadine Dajani

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Meet three women who are as different as could be—at least that's what they think—and the men who've turned their lives upside down as their paths collide in sizzling, sexy Miami. . . .

Ranya is a modern-day princess—brought up behind the gilded walls of Saudi Arabian high society and winner of the dream husband sweepstakes . . . until said husband turns out to be more interested in Paolo, the interior-decorator-cum-underwear-model, than in his virginal new wife.

Smart, independent, but painfully shy, Zahra has managed to escape her impoverished Palestinian roots to carve out a life of comfort. But she can't reveal her secrets to the man she adores or shake off the fear that she doesn't deserve any of it. She also can't shake the fear that if she holds on to anything—or anyone—too dearly, they will be taken away in the blink of a kohl-lined eye.

Rio has risen above the slums of her native Honduras—not to mention the jeers of her none too supportive family—to become editor in chief of Suéltate magazine, the hottest Latina-targeted glossy in town, and this in spite of Georges Mallouk, her hunky-yet-clueless boss, and in spite of Rio's totally wrong but oh-so-sinfully-right affair with the boss's delicious but despicable younger brother, Joe.

In this city of fast cars, sleek clubs, and unapologetic superficiality, Ranya, Zahra, and Rio wrestle with the ties that bind them to their difficult pasts, and it just might be time for them to cut loose. . . .

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Cutting Loose

I didn't see it coming. They all say that, I know, but it's not like you wake up one morning and say to yourself: "This is the day it all falls apart; now, what should I wear?"
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Praise for Cutting Loose

“The question of how Ali should live is a provocative one, and Dajani's wit, warmth, and insight shine through in turning over its nuances.” —Publishers Weekly on Fashionably Late

Fashionably Late is a wonderful story of East meets West. Aline navigates the waters between her overprotective family and their traditional values and what she really wants for herself in life. I read it in one sitting!” —Michelle Cunnah, author of 32AA

Fashionably Late is an entertaining, cross-cultural debut, filled with honesty, humor and heart.” —Wendy French, author of sMothering

“From the chic boutiques of Montreal to the sultry nightlife of Cuba, Fashionably Late sparkles with wit and humor. You will fall in love with Dajani's engaging Lebanese-Canadian heroine.” —JoAnn Hornak, author of Adventures of a Salsa Goddess

Fashionably Late is a compelling read for women who find themselves at the crossroads. It's a must-have for the most fashionable of book bags.” —Mary Castillo, author of Hot Tamara and In Between Men

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Nadine Dajani

Born in Lebanon to Palestinian parents, Nadine Dajani spent the first nine years of her life in Saudi Arabia before settling in Montreal. It's safe to say Nadine has the wandering gene. As an adult, she moved to the Cayman Islands, where she enjoys island-hopping to nearby Cuba and Miami whenever the travel bug bites. Nadine's travel articles have been published in Atmosphere magazine.

Nadine Dajani

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