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Dragon and Judge

Dragon and Judge

The Fifth Dragonback Adventure

Dragonback (Volume 5)

Timothy Zahn





Dragon and Judge, the fifth Dragonback adventure from beloved author Timothy Zahn

Orphaned at the age of three, brought up by his Uncle Virgil, a con man, Jack Morgan has done things that are unusual even in the future in space. But when he rescued Draycos, a dragon-like symbiont, from certain death, his life became a series of breathtaking adventures. With the help of Draycos, who can leap onto Jack's back and become what looks like a tattoo, Jack has been doing everything he can to find out who ambushed the scout-fleet of Draycos's people, the K'da and Shontine, leaving Draycos the sole survivor. Now Jack thinks he may finally be on the trail of the information he needs. But before he can act on what he knows, he's kidnapped by aliens, who ask him to be a judge for them, as, they reveal to him, his parents had once been.

Jack's friend Alison Kayna and her newly acquired K'da symbiont are also kidnapped, by the people trying to ambush the K'da/Shontine fleet. Her captors will do almost anything to learn from Alison where the fleet will rendezvous. Jack and Draycos must rescue her before Alison is hurt--or worse. Using every trick in the book, Jack and Draycos race to her aid, but they aren't able to eliminate the threat to the endangered fleet...and precious time is running out!

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Chapter 1
"‘The quick red fox jumps over the—'" Taneem paused, her glowing silver eyes narrowing in concentration, her whiplike K'da tail making little circles in the air behind her long, gray-scaled body. "‘Lassie dog'?" she suggested.


Praise for Dragon and Judge

“Zahn has always managed to tell an enthralling story in the past, and this one is no exception. Ignore the young adult label if you're older and read it anyway.” —Chronicle on Dragon and Slave

“As with the other books in the series, this novel is a well-done, lightweight adventure story. Zahn continues to find ways to put Draycos's unique symbiotic nature to good use, and fans will look forward to the promised fourth volume in the series, Dragon and Herdsman.” —Voice of Youth Advocates on Dragon and Slave

“This first book in the Dragonback series is a fast-paced suspense novel, full of exciting twists and turns in the story. But it's not a simple adventure tale; the partnership of a con man and an honorable warrior raises some interesting questions about morality. Just enough of the story is wrapped up at the end to feel satisfying, while leaving plenty of questions to be answered in future installments of the series.” —Kliatt on Dragon and Thief

“Zahn keeps the story moving at a breakneck pace, maintaining excitement” —Publishers Weekly on Dragon and Thief

“It's a good lightweight adventure story, a space opera for all ages.” —Science Fiction Chronicle on Dragon and Thief

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About the author

Timothy Zahn

Timothy Zahn has written more than thirty science fiction novels, including Dragon and Thief, Dragon and Soldier, Dragon and Slave and Dragon and Herdsman, the first four Dragonback novels; as well as Night Train to Rigel, The Green and the Gray, Blackcollar: The Judas Solution, the all-time bestselling Star Wars spinoff novel, Heir to the Empire, and a number of other best-selling Star Wars novels. Winner of the Hugo Award, he lives in Oregon.

Timothy Zahn

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Timothy Zahn

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