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Dragon and Slave

Dragon and Slave

The Third Dragonback Adventure

Dragonback (Volume 3)

Timothy Zahn





Dragon and Slave, the third exciting adventure in the Dragonback series by Hugo Award-winning author Timothy Zahn.

Fourteen-year-old Jack Morgan has been through a lot. His parents died years ago, and since his Uncle Virgil was killed, Jack has been alone. But he does have a friend now, named Draycos . . . if you can call a golden-scaled draconic K'da poet-warrior a friend.

The two friends both have scores to settle. Draycos must find and expose those behind a vast conspiracy against his people, and Jack is desperate to thwart the men who framed him for a crime he didn't commit. Alone, Draycos, who must bond with a host or die, is dead; Jack, on his own, is sunk. Together, they might have a chance. Especially when Draycos, who can slip onto Jack's skin like a living tattoo, uses some of his special talents.

They know mercenaries helped launch the ambush that destroyed Draycos's advance team, but when Jack joined up with one such group to get information on the identities of those involved, he and Draycos were nearly killed before they escaped--empty-handed. They also know an alien Brummga was involved. Now, the only way they can get the information they need is for Uncle Virge to "sell' Jack into slavery on a rich Brummga's estate . . . and hope he can crack their computer without getting caught.

Jack thought the mercenary life was hard, until he met Brummgan slavemaster Grazen and tasted life in his high-security compound. If he and Draycos can just survive the experience, they might find a clue that can help in their quests for justice.

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Dragon and Slave

With a slight change in engine pitch, and a small ripple of vibration through the deck, the Essenay came off the ECHO stardrive.
They had arrived at the planet Brum-a-dum.


Praise for Dragon and Slave

“The opener of the Dragonback series is a romp of a space thriller.” —Booklist on Dragon and Thief

“Well paced and smoothly narrated. Jack and Draycos learn to trust each other-and discover they have enemies in common.” —Kirkus Reviews on Dragon and Thief

“This start to a new SF adventure series from Hugo Award-winner Zahn will appeal to young readers . . . Zahn keeps the story moving at breakneck speed.” —Publishers Weekly on Dragon and Thief

“Zahn applies his considerable talents to creating a universe populated by diverse aliens and run by a mixture of government agencies and corporate power brokers. . . . Packed with adventure and suspense.” —Divers Hands on Dragon and Thief

“A space opera for all ages.” —Critical Mass on Dragon and Thief

“Recently I was asked if anyone was still writing the kind of grand space adventure like Heinlein's juveniles or Andre Norton's tales that enticed so many people into science fiction fandom. Now I have the answer and it is a resounding yes! Zahn rocks!” —Genrefluent on Dragon and Soldier

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About the author

Timothy Zahn

TIMOTHY ZAHN has written more than twenty-five science fiction novels, including the all-time bestselling Star Wars tie-in novel, Heir to the Empire, and Dragon and Thief and Dragon and Soldier, the first two Dragonback novels. Winner of the Hugo Award, he lives in Oregon, where he's working on the next Dragonback adventure, Dragon and Herdsman.

Timothy Zahn

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Timothy Zahn

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