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End Unemployment Now

End Unemployment Now

How to Eliminate Joblessness, Debt, and Poverty Despite Congress

Ravi Batra

St. Martin's Press



The year 2010 marked when the National Bureau of Economic Research declared an end to the Great Recession. The economy had shed over six million jobs in 2008 and 2009, but few had been recalled to work by 2010. Today, government policies have yet to make a significant dent in unemployment. In End Unemployment Now, Ravi Batra explores why this is the case. He explains how joblessness can be completely eliminated—in just two years, and without the help of our painfully incompetent Congress. The President and the Federal Reserve have the legal authority to generate free-market conditions that will quickly end the specter of unemployment, all without involving Congress.

Some examples of how to end unemployment without congressional intrusion:
• Creating a bank by the FDIC to compete with banking giants and then charging only 5% interest rates on credit card balances, instead of the standard 10-35% seen today
• Banning mergers among large and profitable firms, as such mergers directly cause layoffs and reinforce monopoly capitalism
• Aid to small businesses in the form of cheap loans and government contracts, because small firms have been real job creators since 1980, while Big Business has been a job destroyer
• Offer retiree bonds to increase the incomes of pensioners who live on savings and whose incomes have been practically destroyed by the collapse of interest rates
• Bring oil prices down to $20/barrel, which would lower a gallon of gas to $1.50


Praise for End Unemployment Now

“An innovative approach that will appeal to those who question current claims of economic recovery.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Batra...details all the issues that led up to the U.S. wage gap, horrendous oil prices, and high-interest rates-and, yes, a loomingly alarming high-unemployment rate...Much food for thoughts; write your congresspeople now.” —Booklist

“This book really reads like a suspense novel. Turning each page, new tracks appear that the villain left behind in this economic whodunnit of all time. Of course, this is no idle fiction but the harsh truth of life in our world. The description of the economy the book offers is straightforward, yet profound and easy to grasp at the same time. Its message will have an impact. There is no way around it.” —Thorsteinn Thorgeirsson, Senior Advisor to the Governor, Central Bank of Iceland.

“Once again, Dr. Ravi Batra, one of America's most brilliant economists, knocks it out of the park. Everyone - particularly policy makers - needs to read this book! Brilliant, easy to understand, and filled with solid solutions to revive the American middle class.” —Thom Hartmann, host, Thom Hartmann Radio Program and The Big Picture

“For the aficionados of economics prophecy, Professor Batra has always been a legend: in this new work, however, his focus is on economic policy. He has little time for padding or rhetoric: instead, he sums up very quickly, in simple, lay terms, what must be done to bring to the U.S., and thence the world, out of its long-drawn doldrums. Even better, he shows how this might be accomplished bypassing the slow-moving processes of Congress, via Executive edicts. It is the economics primer for our times: a must read for all--especially President Obama with time still left in his tenure to carve himself a permanent niche in History.” —Prof. Rajani Kanth, Harvard University

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Ravi Batra

DR. RAVI BATRA, a professor of economics at Southern Methodist University, is the author of six international bestsellers. Previously, Batra has been ranked third in a group of "superstar economists," according to Economic Enquiry. Dr. Batra has been written up in major newspapers and magazines, such as the New York Times, Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, etc., and has appeared on CBS, NBC, CNN, ABC, CNBC, among many other networks. He lives in Dallas, TX.

Ravi Batra

Ravi Batra

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