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Macmillan Childrens Publishing Group

Jasmine Toguchi, Super Sleuth

Jasmine Toguchi (Volume 2)

Debbi Michiko Florence; illustrated by Elizabet Vukovic

Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)



Bing bong bong bing!

Ms. Sanchez played the end-of-the-day song on her xylophone. It was time to clean up and get ready to go home. Normally I do not like to clean, but today was different. I was looking forward to the end of school.

Because I, Jasmine Toguchi, had big weekend plans!

I was excited for my best friend, Linnie Green, to come over to my house. Usually on Fridays, she walked home with her babysitter, Marcy. But Marcy, who is in high school, was sick. Hooray! Not that I wanted Marcy to be sick. That would be mean, and one of Mom’s rules is to be nice. But this way Linnie could come to my house.

My classmates took out their notebooks. Normally after Ms. Sanchez played her end-of-the-day song, she gave us our homework assignment. I was the only person who did not take out her notebook, because I knew better.

Maggie Milsap raised her hand. “Ms. Sanchez! Jasmine doesn’t have her notebook.”

Everyone turned to look at me.

“Did you forget it, Jasmine?” Ms. Sanchez asked.

“No, Ms. Sanchez,” I said. “It’s in my desk.”

Ms. Sanchez smiled. “Is there a reason you’re not taking it out?”

“Yes,” I said, “because you’re not giving us homework.”

“You aren’t a mind reader,” Maggie Milsap said.

“No,” I said. “But when Ms. Sanchez is going to give us homework, she puts her blue notebook on the desk. When she isn’t going to give us homework, she doesn’t take out the blue notebook.”

Ms. Sanchez nodded. “Jasmine has outstanding observation skills. She would make an excellent detective. Class, what does detective mean?”

Ms. Sanchez was sneaky, always finding ways to teach us stuff. Detective was one of our vocabulary words.

Hands shot in the air, including mine. Ms. Sanchez called on me and I answered. “A detective is someone who solves mysteries by using clues. Another word for detective is sleuth.”

I tossed in the last part because I learned that from my mom. Mom is an editor, a person who helps writers with their words. Mom loves words like Ms. Sanchez loves books or music, and she’s always sharing new words with me and my big sister, Sophie.

“Very good!” Ms. Sanchez said. “And Jasmine is right. Today there is no homework!”

Everyone cheered. I cheered extra-loud because this weekend was important. No homework meant free time for my big plans! Not only was Linnie sleeping over on Saturday, but we were celebrating Girl’s Day together for the first time on Sunday!

Text copyright © 2017 Debbi Michiko Florence

Illustrations copyright © 2017 Elizabet Vukovic