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Sticker Girl

Stickers Included!

Sticker Girl (Volume 1)

Janet Tashjian; illustrations by Inga Wilmink

Square Fish


A Little About Me

Here’s the thing about being shy: just because you’re not bowling people over with your giant personality, they might think there’s not a lot going on inside.

But they’d be wrong.

Quiet types have rich inner worlds—we just don’t let everyone see them. At least that’s how my mother explains my shyness to her friends when she thinks I’m not listening. (I usually am.)

Kids in my class may think there’s no reason to sit with me at lunch or hang out during recess because I have nothing to add to their conversations about the latest app or a favorite band. They don’t understand that I know every word to the newest songs, that I kill at Candy Crush, or that I’ve memorized chunks of dialogue from most Disney movies. No one would guess I’m a good singer like my mom or that I make up crazy stories like my abuelita.

My inner world is exciting and fun.

My outer world?

Not so much.


What I Love Most

I live with my family in the San Fernando Valley, north of Los Angeles. I’m the middle child, sandwiched between my older brother, Eric, and my younger brother, James. Their boy energy pretty much sucks the life out of the house, so I spend a lot of time in my room by myself.

Being alone is great once you get used to it, although I wouldn’t mind having a best friend one of these days. I’m giving it some time since we moved here from San Diego last year. It’s coming up on my twelve-month deadline soon, but I’m not worried. Yet.

I have a great imagination—sometimes I pretend my Chihuahua, Lily, is an injured soldier I have to save on the battlefield. Sometimes I make short videos of her talking in an Italian accent. My abuelita tells me I need to make more of an effort to find new friends who aren’t Chihuahuas. I tell her I am happy to entertain myself, that I like keeping busy.

And my favorite way to keep busy is playing with stickers.

I don’t just like stickers …

Animal stickers, ballerina stickers, dragon stickers, voice bubble stickers—I have thousands of them.

I put stickers on notebooks, on clothes, on my bureau and my mirror and the shelves in my room. I put them on my mom’s computer; I put them on my dad’s bowling ball and my abuelita’s gardening tools.

You could say that stickers keep me company when Eric is blasting music with his friends or James is dumping a box of cereal down the toilet. In the world of stickers, I’M the one in charge. Stickers don’t judge you; they don’t care if you’re quiet or shy. My stickers keep me company while I’m eating lunch by myself at school.

I’m not sure where my life would be without them.


Text copyright © 2016 by Janet Tashjian

Illustrations copyright © 2016 by Inga Wilmink