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The Anatomy of the Aura (A Start Here Guide for Beginners)

A Start Here Guide for Beginners

Eliza Swann

St. Martin's Essentials



My clients and students often ask me when I first began to see auras. Is there is something “special” about me, or is the perception of invisible energy something that can be learned? I firmly believe that all beings perceive auras already without any special training or equipment! Folks often say “That person is so full of life” or “That place gives me the creeps” without understanding how valid these statements are in describing energy fields or auras. Unlocking the door to energy perception simply requires that we make a commitment to nurturing, rather than suppressing, our sensitivities and “gut feelings.”

As a child, I was very clairvoyant and able to clearly see energies around trees, people, and animals. I could see webs of energy moving through the air that connect all living beings in a sort of living web. These perceptions were overwhelming, and I often chose to spend time alone to sit with these sensations. When I was little, my family and I lived in the countryside with my aunt, who was supportive of my visions and encouraged me to continue “talking to” trees and clouds. I sat quietly in the forest for hours each day, perceiving the energies of the plants, the sky, and my own body. When I was five, we moved to New York City, and I quickly realized that my sensitivities put me at odds with the hustle and bustle of the big city. I learned to turn my visions of energy into art, eventually enrolling in art school and otherwise keeping silent about my ability to see auras. Clairvoyance is a great tool for a painter to have, after all!

In my early twenties, I traveled to India, where I studied Kundalini meditation and chakras. This opened me all the way back up to the world of auras and energies. After returning to New York City, I suffered a complete breakdown. I was having nonstop visions, acute sensitivity to noise, and heightened mirror-touch synesthesia, a condition that causes a person to physically feel the pain of others. I lacked the guidance and training to understand what was happening and how to regain control of my sensory perceptions.

I went to see an energy healer on the recommendation of a friend. The healer could immediately see that my aura was filled with holes, which had led to hypersensitivity and psychic overload. She was able to accurately name the cause of these holes in my energy field and had the ability to read my personal patterns in the energy around my body. She gave me an energy attunement and after the session looked at me seriously and said, “You need training.”

It was evident to me after this session that the fields of energy around my body informed and interpenetrated my physical, emotional, and mental well-being. These fields of energy could be perceived and worked with to achieve incredible results. I studied with this healer for some years and relentlessly pursued information about energy and auras by studying hypnotherapy, energy healing, sound healing, and meditation. I discovered that modern scientists now agree that physical matter is actually made up of wavelike patterns. The whole universe is a sea of self-organizing fields. Those delightful and secret childhood experiences of seeing energy ultimately led me to the underlying truth of physical matter and to my calling. Fifteen years later, I work with clients and students around the world to assist them in seeing and working with auras.

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