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Crystals: A Guide to Using the Crystal Compass for Energy, Healing, and Reclaiming Your Power

Aisha Amarfio

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Energy Healing


We can encounter energy blockages or lose our energy to all kinds of factors. The overall goal in energy healing is to restore and maintain our energy so that we can consciously align it to our soul and become whole. When we restore and align our energy with our soul and life force, we are at our most vital. When our energy is scattered, blocked, or chaotic, we encounter imbalances.

The process of energy healing with crystals in this book is through:

Reclaiming our lost energy and powerClearing ourselves of blockages that are suppressing the soul dreamRestoring our vitality and connection to our soul and to the divinity of the wholeBeing conscious about our vitality requires us to nurture our energy and to protect our energy from relationships with people, environments, jobs, situations, addictions, or habits where the energy of the relationship may be oppressive, toxic, or just generally incongruent to the emergent qualities of our soul. If our soul qualities are suppressed in a relationship, and the relationship depletes us of energy, it is time for us to assess the relationship. This is not necessarily an exercise to start blaming relationships or judging the things you have relationships with as bad; it is an exercise about discerning the subjective nature of your relationship, and the energy behind the role you are playing in the relationship, to see whether this role is nourishing to your soul dream or not. That might mean refining the energetic nature of your relationship; it might mean healing the old attachments you have to your role or taking responsibility to heal the wounded part of you that is causing you the most pain or toxicity in the relationship and sometimes it just means cutting an energy dynamic out of your life, and moving on.

This isn’t about being egotistical or selfish; it’s about being congruent to your truth.

The soul’s dreaming is connected to the spiritual nature of reality and the grander web and oneness of life. That which serves the soul, serves the whole. If something isn’t serving us, it is probably only serving an old expectation, habit or wounded part of our ego that is seeking some fear-based goal, and isn’t really serving anybody in a healthy way.

The approach of energy healing with crystals in this book is based on the principles of honoring and listening to the intelligence of our soul’s dreaming as it communicates through the subtle intelligence of our body and our intuition; reclaiming our energy through inner work; and healing relationships in the world where we are losing ourselves and our energy, transmuting goal-based relationships to soul-based ones.

There are crystal meditations for reclaiming our energy and for clearing blockages, and energy audit exercises to assess the energetic quality of the relationships in our lives whether it be to do with work, with people, with habits, or with yourself.

Everything is in a relationship with something else. Relationships are the movement and exchange of energy, and the quality of a relationship is determined by the energy behind it. Where there is tension in a relationship, there is an opportunity for healing and resolution in our hearts.

The exercises seek to restore the integrity of our energy, so that we can align it to serve the truth of our soul and give birth to the highest expression of who we really are. Our heart will always tell us if we are there or not and the universe will respond with coincidences that affirm our connection to the oneness and magic of life.


We are beings of life force energy. Life force is the vital force that pervades all living things; it is the self-governing intelligence that powers all of existence. The whole universe is alive with its pulsating force. It is what brings us into being and is an essence that connects us all.

Life force energy perpetuates life, moving it to evolve toward the harmony of the whole. Life force is self-correcting by nature and, through the play of the opposites, it acts in a compensatory nature to bring about states of harmony and balance in life.

We only have to marvel at the self-regulating ecosystem of the rainforest, or the chance movements of the cosmos that bring us life on earth, to see life force’s governing impulse toward finding divine equilibrium through chaos.

Life force’s balancing nature toward all things being in a state of wholeness is what moves our soul’s dreaming; it is what flows through us, giving us health, and vitality and connection to the divine. Our vitality from life force and its connection to the divine is evenly distributed through our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy bodies. Each energy body is a gateway to life force and the soul’s dreaming, and is a vital part of our conscious experience, providing an interface through which we express and experience the intelligence and individuality of our soul.

When we are aligned, present, and in flow with life force, we can be receptive to its self-correcting nature in our lives and follow its path of least resistance toward balance and harmony, working in unison with the rest of life.

Energy imbalances in the energy bodies can block us from this healing quality of life force; manifesting in persistent life patterns, or signs and symptoms that we experience as physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual tension.

Holistic energy healing involves us protecting and nourishing the vitality of our energy bodies and listening to them when there is tension, so that we can unlock the wisdom and get to the underlying energy imbalance that it is pointing to. Part of the journey is to heal our blockages and reclaim our energy, power, and connection to our soul. Energy healing is a conscious path of self-discovery and realignment with the truth of who we are.

And by being true to ourselves, we can act in service, not because we are trying to be of service, but because when you make a decision that is true to your soul you are acting in the natural vein of life force, which by virtue serves the whole.

Crystals are perfect manifestations of wholeness and can therefore channel the self-correcting nature of life force energy for us, helping us to give vitality to the more soulful parts of us that life is commanding us to bring through, so that we can be the fullest version of ourselves. With our conscious participation, crystals can clear our energy field and help us to address the energy imbalance that is the root cause of an issue in our lives.


The physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy bodies each has a role to play in our journey toward finding our truth. They are bodies of intelligence and provide a framework for our soul to experience life and transmit its unique qualities through. When there is an imbalance in our energy body, it disrupts our vitality and compromises our relationship to our soul, resulting in a tension in the way we feel inside, or at worst a physical illness.

As we know, the two main types of imbalances are an energy blockage, or an energy loss in an energy body.

When an energy body has an imbalance it falls out of alignment with our soul and that dissonance is emitted in our energy field.

Energy blockages are stagnant or toxic energies that are incongruent to our truth and well-being; they tend to block emergent parts of our soul that are seeking to be expressed in our life. Common sources of energy blockages are mainly our own unconscious beliefs that we have been conditioned with, that do not match the integrity of the soul dream. Or energy blockages can come from toxic relationships or other people’s stuff, that they have projected on to us or that we have just picked up from society or our environments.

Energy loss is when we lose parts of our energy body through shock, trauma, neglect, or unhealthy relationship dynamics. Energy loss depletes our vitality levels and has a massive impact on how whole and connected we feel. It also makes us more vulnerable to picking up toxic energy from our surroundings.

Energy is everything. Whatever is going on for us in our energy bodies is transmitted into our energy field. Whatever we emit is the energy that we put out there in the universe. We are transmitting energy signals all the time and our energy field is our energetic language with the rest of the world. The quality of what is happening in our energy field is not only a strong determinant for how we feel, it is a strong determinant for the patterns in our life. Our energy field provides a lens through which we simultaneously perceive and construct our world. The energy we are coming from when we make decisions is the single biggest influencing factor for the energy we invite into our life.

Holistic healing gives us the space and opportunity to listen to our energy bodies and be kind to ourselves; it helps us to take care of our own energy, and be conscious about the energy we bring into our lives.

The above image illustrates the layers of our energy field. The vitality of our energy body is what is transmitted in our energy field. Crystals work by correcting the frequencies in our energy field to harmonize the imbalance in our energy body.



The physical layer is the first layer of our energy field and pertains to our Earth element. It is responsible for bringing in life force from the universe to give our bodies the vitality we need to house the soul. This layer of our energy field transmits the all-round health of our physical bodies. Energy blockages in this layer occur in our instinctual realms and include deep-rooted family or ancestral patterns or beliefs about money, health, or survival. Common sources of energy loss are physical neglect, harm, lack of security and stability, or not meeting the body’s basic needs for food, water, exercise, rest, breathing, and access to nature. Energy imbalances in this area can result in stress, poor health, and exhaustion, and patterns of not being able to manifest firm home and financial conditions for ourselves.


The emotional layer is the second layer of our energy field and pertains to our Water element. The emotional energy body is responsible for feeling and intuiting our way through life experiences so that we can grow, mature, and change from them. This layer of our energy body transmits the frequencies of our emotions, our sensory experiences and our sexual energy. Common sources of energy blockages that are transmitted in this layer are conflicting or chaotic frequencies of unresolved or suppressed emotional wounds and deep-rooted emotionally charged unconscious beliefs that we carry, that we have learned from hurtful life events. While these parts of us are unresolved they can become toxic and create unhealthy energy blockages that can also disrupt the vitality of the other energy bodies. Energy loss at this level can be due to toxic or unhealthy energy dynamics in relationships in which we become emotionally entangled, manipulated, or lost in another person or substance. We can also encounter energy loss at this level in shock or trauma, resulting in parts of our energy body being scattered out of our body, until signals are transmitted from our energy field that it is safe for those parts to return. This is a coping mechanism to numb ourselves while we are under harm, allowing us to have a disembodied response to cope with the traumatic event.


The mental layer is the third layer of our energy field and pertains to our Fire element.

This layer of our energy body transmits the quality of our thoughts and feelings and the intensity of our will. Energy blockages of this energy body are often caused by our immediate train of thought, and any negative mental scripts that interfere with us actualizing our power and potential. The integrity of this energy body can be compromised by low confidence and excess fear-based thinking and behavior, that gets in the way of us manifesting our soul dream. The integrity of this energy body can also be lost in relationships where we give our power away, allowing our minds and paths to be programmed by the standards, needs, and ideals of other people, groups, or institutions.


The spiritual layer is the fourth layer of our energy field and corresponds to our Air element. The spiritual energy body is responsible for bringing the power of our awareness to our experience, so that we can bring more consciousness to the wholeness of our soul and the oneness of all there is. The spiritual energy body gives us conscious management and choice to evolve and expand. The more we bring our conscious awareness to our soul, the more we spiritually evolve toward our truth. Energy blockages of this energy body occur when we let our physical, emotional, and mental blockages define our lives and who we are; resulting in an unlived soul life. Other blockages are unresolved wounds in our heart where a fundamental truth of who we are in our soul has been damaged or suppressed, leading to symptoms such as depression, addiction, or feeling lost, disconnected, and empty. Energy loss in this energy body occurs when we have a lack of faith in life and the universe, and contract into separation rather than expand into the whole. It often occurs when life events cause us to lose meaning and disrupt our spiritual connection to something greater than ourselves. Healing of the spiritual energy body involves shining the healing light of our awareness on to blockages and our lack of connection, to bring about resolution and spiritual evolution.

So, maintaining the vitality of all our energy bodies is tricky, huh? There are so many factors that can disrupt the vitality of our energy bodies and our connection to our soul in life. The important thing at this stage is to recognize if any of these energy imbalances or top-line symptoms resonate with your experiences, because then you can get a sense of what energy imbalances you would like to address in your crystal healing journey.


Within our energy bodies there are energy channels through which life force is distributed around our bodies. Located along the central energy channel, we have seven primary energy centers, that are responsible for processing energy in different areas of our lives. These energy centers are called chakras. When we have an energy blockage or an energy loss, it is often reflected in the functioning of our chakras. As we address the root cause of an energy imbalance, crystals can be used to attune our chakras to restore a healthy distribution and flow of energy. Many crystals have an affinity with a particular chakra and energy body. Very generally speaking, we can choose a crystal for a chakra based on its color, properties, and our intuitive discernment of what might be right for us.

Descriptions of the chakras and a basic guide for selecting corresponding crystals are on the next page:

The chakras

• Your root chakra (gray/black/brown/red crystals) grounds you physically and processes your survival and security. (Earth element)

• Your sacral chakra (orange crystals) processes your experiences of sensuality, sexuality, creativity, and the emotions. (Water element)

• Your solar plexus chakra (yellow crystals) processes your sense of personal will, taking action and exerting your power in the world. (Fire element)

• Your heart chakra (green and pink crystals) processes your experience of compassion and love. It is also the gateway to the soul. (Air element)

• Your throat chakra (blue crystals) processes the dimensions of frequency, vibration, communication, and your ability to speak your truth. (Water element)

• Your third eye chakra (indigo/purple crystals) processes your ability to perceive and discern between possibilities in the quantum field, otherwise known as psychic seeing or divination. (Air element)

• Your crown chakra (clear/white crystals) connects you to the divine, and processes the power of your conscious awareness and your receptivity to transcendental experiences of awakening. (Air element)


So now we know if we have an energy imbalance the intelligence of our being will always let us know through the subtle signs and symptoms we experience as tension; whether it be experienced physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.

Whether it be stress-related aches and pains, exhaustion, emotional overwhelm, anxiety, lack of meaning, or low states of mind, most symptoms of tension are our energy body’s way of communicating that there is an energy blockage or energy loss inside, and it is interfering with our connection to our soul and our flow of life force. It doesn’t feel nice, but we just have to attend to the energy imbalance so that our soul can fluidly express itself in our life again and we can feel connected, present, and whole.

However uncomfortable the top-line symptom of tension is, the tension is not the problem. Tension is the answer. It is the response of our being, nudging us to let us know it is time to reclaim lost parts of our self and give birth to the new. Tension is a sign that life is commanding a change and a new soul quality to come forth so that we can live our soul path. The quality and change exists in us; we just have to give birth to it. And giving birth is never easy. But it is all part of our journey for discovering our fullness.

We can either give in to the tension, fight it, dismiss it, or make friends with it and listen to the healing change it is seeking to bring forth in our consciousness.

Our soul has many parts, and many qualities. But energy imbalances may cause us to become too attached to the safety of one version of ourselves; we can become contracted in blockages and end up limiting the expression of our wholeness.

The self-correcting nature of life force will always give vitality to other parts of our soul that need to be expressed in our lives to counterbalance our one-sidedness. And as it pushes up against our blockages and our unconscious one-sided stance, the tension may feel really uncomfortable. But if we lean into our discomfort and give our tension room to reveal the underlying wisdom of the change that is seeking to be expressed in our lives, we can become something new. We can ask:

What is the tension trying to tell us about our lives?

What is the tension physically making us do? I.e., is it making you rest, stop what you’re doing, stay awake, flee? Then find out why.

What lost or emergent part of our soul is trying to come through at this time?

What blockage or stagnant part of us is it time to release or integrate with the new?

There is wisdom in our tension. We just have to give ourselves the safe space to check in with how we are feeling, without fighting it or resisting it, but also without getting attached to or bogged down by it.

Sometimes we have to be lost to be found and tension acts just like a compass, providing us with direction, giving us an uncomfortable signal to tell us when we are going off track of our soul path. We have just forgotten how to read the compass and listen for the change our symptoms are asking of us.

This is where crystals come in. Crystals help us unlock the wisdom in our tension. When our tension gets overwhelming and we need a helping hand to understand what life is asking of us, crystals speak the language of energy, so that we don’t have to. Sitting in meditation with crystals helps us to find a point of stillness to silence the clamor of the dissonance and channel the self-correcting nature of life force to restore harmony and the wisdom of the whole. By stilling our energy, meditation heightens the power of crystals to do their work of clearing our energy field of stagnant blockages that are incongruent to our soul dream; amplifying more soulful parts of ourselves so that we can meet life with more authenticity, strength, and magic.

Across each element, crystals speak to qualities in our soul that need to come forth to fulfill that area of our lives. Crystals give our soul room to breathe, permission to express itself, and a congruent frequency that will allow it to come through with grace and ease.

We experience the Earth element through the physical energy body, Water element through the emotional energy body, Fire through the mental energy body, and Air through the spiritual energy body. When we are facing an energy imbalance in one of our energy bodies, we can refer to the Crystal Compass to help us restore harmony in that element.

Through relationships with crystals, you can deepen your intuitive relationship with yourself and with the rest of the universe. Everything in the universe is alive with spirit, including crystals, and the more you are in relationship with the spirit, the more you allow it into your life through the magical interconnectivity that is life.

Your journey with crystals invites in the rest of life to support you. As you align with your soul, you align with your soul’s connection to the oneness with all that is. When you make a decision from your soul, the rest of the universe will hear you.

Working with crystals may spark synchronicities, happy meetings, and transformative breakthroughs.

It may give you the courage you need to make the decisions that will best serve your well-being and soul path.

It may make you feel your truth, speak your truth, and be your truth.

And it may free you to follow the intuitive way of life force to allow your soul’s dreaming to come through.

Copyright © 2019 by Aisha Amarfio