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Macmillan Childrens Publishing Group

Sea Surprise

Leo Landry

Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)


Sea Surprise

A Morning Swim

It was a cool, wet day at the bottom of the sea. Above the waves, a storm was brewing. Far below, safe from the storm, Kate and Dave were out for a morning swim along the coral reef.
"What shall we do today, Dave?" asked Kate, flipping her tail idly.

"Let's bite something," said Dave. Dave was bored, and boredom always made his teeth itch.
"No," said Kate. "Why do you always want to go around biting things?"
"It is what I do," answered Dave simply.

"Well, it is not what I do," said Kate. "Let's go and visit Eel instead. I haven't seen him since last week, and I miss his electric-eel glow."
"We could visit Eel and bite something," Dave muttered to himself.
The two friends swam off together toward Eel's house.
Copyright © 2005 by Leo Landry