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Harry Cat and Tucker Mouse: Starring Harry

My Readers

Story by Thea Feldman; Illustrated by Olga and Aleksey Ivanov; Inspired by George Selden and Garth Williams

Square Fish


Harry Cat and Tucker Mouse: Starring Harry

Harry Cat and Tucker Mouse were best friends. They lived in a cozy drainpipe in the Times Square subway station.
Every day, Harry and Tucker had breakfast together. Then they took a walk and watched the crowds.
Every night, Tucker liked to stay home. Harry always went out. He loved the theater.
One night, Harry saw a brand-new play. People onstage talked and talked Harry was bored. He looked at the crowd. They seemed bored too.
Just then, someone walked onto the stage. She was carrying a big fish. Harry didn't stop to think. He jumped!
Harry grabbed the fish and ran off the stage.
The crowd began to laugh. And clap. And stand and cheer.
"Can you do this every night?" asked the man in charge. Harry purred. He was saying yes.
Harry ran home to tell Tucker. "Harry, that's wonderful!" said Tucker, yawning. "Let's talk about it in the morning."
But Harry slept late the next morning. He was tired from his new job. So Tucker had breakfast alone.
When Harry finally woke up, he said, "I'm glad you ate. You shouldn't wait to have breakfast with me anymore. I may be tired a lot now."
Harry was tired a lot. He slept later and later every day. Tucker was alone more and more every day. He took walks by himself. He watched the crowds by himself. It wasn't much fun without Harry.
One day, Tucker couldn't stand it any longer. He shouted, "Harry, I never see you anymore!"
"I know," Harry said. "I miss you too. Please come to the theater tonight. At least you can see me onstage!" "That's not what I mean," said Tucker. "You know I like to stay home at night." Harry looked sad. "Oh, all right," said Tucker. "I'll come." "Thank you," said Harry.
That night, Tucker went to Harry's play. Tucker saw that Harry was the best part of the whole show. After the play, Tucker watched everyone crowd around Harry.
They praised him and patted his head. Tucker couldn't get anywhere near him.
Tucker walked home alone. He was happy for Harry, but he was sad for himself. "Harry is a star now," he said. "I have to let him go." Tucker tried not to cry.
When Tucker got home, Harry was already there! "Why so sad?" Harry asked.
"Harry!" cried Tucker "Why are you here? I thought you wanted to be with your fans."
"I'd rather be with you," said Harry. "Really?" asked Tucker. "Really," said Harry. "I quit the play tonight." "Why?" asked Tucker. "They can find another cat. I missed my best friend," said Harry. "Me?" asked Tucker. "You," said Harry.
Then Harry yawned. "Let's talk about it more in the morning," he said. Tucker yawned too. "Harry," he said, "you'll always be a star to me."
Text copyright © 2011 by Thea Feldman.