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Guitar Highway Rose

Guitar Highway Rose

A Novel

Brigid Lowry

St. Martin's Griffin


Trade Paperback

My name is Rosie Moon. I am nearly sixteen. I'm hungry for a juicy life. I lean out the window at night and I can taste it out there, waiting for me.

Popular and smart, fifteen-year-old Rosie Moon is the quintessential good girl. She also wishes she could be someone else for a while, someone more interesting. Asher Fielding is the mysterious new boy at school who has dreadlocks and a love of Jim Morrison. On the first day of tenth grade, Rosie develops a crush on Asher, and when the two pair up for a poetry assignment they quickly form a bond. When Asher is falsely accused of stealing a wallet at school, he and Rosie decide to escape it all—their families, their school, their ordinary town—and hitchhike up the Australian coast. They know they shouldn't, and that is exactly why they do. Part road story, part love story, Guitar Highway Rose is a thrilling ride for anyone who has ever dreamed about escaping everyday life, even just for a little while.


Praise for Guitar Highway Rose

“Lowry's Australian lingo, lyrical descriptions, likeable characters, and creative format are sure to be an instant hit with teens.” —Kirkus

“This Australian import has a delightful tranquility that persists all the way to a realistic, satisfying ending. An unassuming, charming book.” —Booklist

“Lowry describes Australian land- and seascape in colorful detail. Her prose is crisply observant in some places, stream-of-consciousness in others, and full of British/Aussie humor and one-liners. This is a romantic, entertaining, and thoughtful novel.” —School Library Journal

“[An] artfully constructed novel…readers will likely be captivated by Lowry's playful narrative style, and they will easily empathize with most of the characters, from the free-spirited protagonists to the parents who worry over them.” —Publishers Weekly

“A quirky kaleidoscope of skilled writing…[a] special book.” —Voya

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About the author

Brigid Lowry

Brigid Lowry is the author of award-winning poetry, short stories, and young adult novels. She is well-known in Australia, where Guitar Highway Rose was a runaway success with young readers and a finalist for or winner of numerous prestigious awards. She spent much of her life in Australia but now lives in New Zealand, where she was born and raised.

Brigid Lowry

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