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Herbal Folk Medicine

Herbal Folk Medicine

An A to Z Guide

Thomas Broken Bear Squier with Lauren David Peden

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Our ancestors looked to plants and herbs for relief from common ailments such as colds, bruises, stomachaches, and sore muscles. Today we can look to those same herbs for relief from the skyrocketing cost of commercial medicines.

- Medieval Europeans used St., John's wort to fight melancholia. Today we call it depression, but St. John's wort is still an effective remedy for many people.
- Garlic has many uses, from fighting colds and infections to repelling ticks. The people of China have called it an official medicine since the sixth century.
- Plains Indians have known for centuries that echinacea can fight colds by boosting immunity.

This practical A to Z guide from Squier and Peden is the perfect introduction for anyone who wants to share in the immense wealth of herbal folk medicine. You'll learn the historical and modern uses of every major medicinal herb, as well as how to prepare them and even harvest them from the wild. The engaging entries and cross-referenced appendix of ailments make Herbal Folk Medicine an excellent resource you will treasure.


Praise for Herbal Folk Medicine

“An intelligent jewel of a book that recounts America's great herbal folk tradition in a simple, yet eloquent manner.” —Rosemary Gladstar, author of Herbal Healing for Women

About the author

Thomas Broken Bear Squier with Lauren David Peden

Thomas Broken Bear Squier is an ex-Green Beret who contributed to the U.S. Army's survival manual. He writes for several North Carolina newspapers and wild-foods newsletters and frequently lectures on herbs. His first herbal training came from his grandfather, a Cherokee root doctor. He is the author of Living Off the Land Wild Foods Cookbook and resides in North Carolina.

Lauren David Peden has written several books on the mystical arts. She lives in New York City.

Thomas Broken Bear Squier

Lauren David Peden

Lauren David Peden

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