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Insulting English

Insulting English

Peter Novobatzky and Ammon Shea

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At last, a compendium of ingeniously insulting words for every occasion.

For anyone who's been stymied by the level of sloth, bad looks and low intelligence of his fellow man (and woman), help is on the way. You can't change the tiresome creatures around you, but now you can describe them behind their backs with pleasing specificity.

Yes, Insulting English is a user's guide to little-known and much-needed words that include:

Gubbertush: Buck-toothed person
Hogminny: A depraved young woman
Nihilarian: Person with a meaningless job
Pursy: Fat and short of breath
Scombroid: Resembling a mackerel
Tumbrel: A person who is drunk to the point of vomiting

These and many other gems from our colorful mother tongue are collected on these pages. Now every gink, knipperdollin, and grizely dunderwhelp can be called by his rightful name.


ablutophobic /ab LOOT o FO bik/ adj • Pathologically afraid of bathing.
[Latin ablutio a washing + Greek phobos fear]
"To punish him for committing the unnatural act with the chalkboard eraser, Mrs....


Praise for Insulting English

Depraved English is anything but depraved. Don't believe the title. It's a book on language you an read on subway, bus, and plane-though you have to be ready for surprised looks when you laugh out loud or give little yelps of joy. Your choller will wobble as you pick at your gound and, even after, flat English will give you an attack of rectalgia. If someone is majoring in English, give him or her this book. Give it to your randy grandma.” —Frank McCourt, author of Angela's Ashes and 'Tis

“Delicious and disgusting by turns, Depraved English is an invaluable and cleverly worked vade macum for those millions of us who (a) are fascinated by sex and (b) enjoy insulting people. No intelligent home should be without it.” —Simon Winchester, author of The Professor and the Madman

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