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Losing It

Losing It

A Novel

Alan Cumyn

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Sometimes those who have the most seem bent on throwing it away. Meet Bob Sterling, a comfortable middle-aged professor, a specialist in the life of Edgar Allan Poe, married to a former student with whom he has a young son. In the space of a week his family, marriage, home, career, sanity, and life are brought to the brink of ruin in the aftermath of a trip he makes with a student, the intense young poet Sienna Chu, who brings to life Bob's long-harbored sexual fetish. Add to the mix the misadventures of his wife's mentally failing mother and Sienna's explosive techno-junkie roommate, and you have Alan Cumyn's strikingly accomplished novel Losing It.

Whether describing an Alzheimer sufferer, a fetishist, a twisted poet, or a young mother whose life is suddenly spinning out of control, Cumyn reveals the eccentric sub-surfaces of our lives. Poignant, gritty, and tantalizingly erotic, Losing It is a high-wire act that plays out as an irresistible blend of darkness and humor.


"You aren't going to throw that out," Lenore said, standing straight to stop it once and for all, this dreadful boxing business. She plucked the thing out, turned it around in her hands.
"What is it?" Julia asked. Sharply....


Praise for Losing It

"Rich, witty, outrageous fun: Canadian author Cumyn, in his US debut, is not afraid to go over the top for effect, but he is patient and painstaking enough to bring off a coherent and well-thought-out storyline." - Kirkus Reviews

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About the author

Alan Cumyn

Alan Cumyn worked for eight years for the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board, writing on international human rights issues. He taught in the People's Republic of China and in Indonesia, and ran a group home in Toronto. He lives in Ottawa, and Losing It is his first book to be published in the United States.

Alan Cumyn

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