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Love Lockdown

Love Lockdown

Mia Edwards

St. Martin's Griffin



Trade Paperback

Tiffany has vowed to get revenge on her half-sister and her boyfriend for killing her father Shon and her long-time lover Saliq. But first, Tiffany has to stay low until the dust settles. Tired of being slept on and disrespected, she meets Rasheeda, one of her father's former associates, who is also one of the baddest women in the streets. Rasheeda not only runs an elite escort service and a hot nightclub on the Virginia Beach strip, but she's also one of the major cocaine distributors in the Mid-Atlantic. Rasheeda takes Tiffany under her wing and introduces her to the side of the game that Shon had never revealed to his daughter.

Soon Tiffany reconnects with more of her father's former associates, settles old debts and rebuilds her father's drug reign in Virginia. Her reach soon spreads to Charlotte and Memphis. But Tiffany won't be happy until she finds Kanika and Tyrell. There are people who are willing to help Tiffany seek the just revenge that she's been craving for years.


Chapter 1


always knew I'dhave to leave my mama's house, but I never thought it'd be like this," Kanika said as she dumped her last items of clothing into a cardboard box. "I also didn't think I'd be packing all this shit by myself."



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“[A] powerful, seductive, thrilling tale of agony, catastrophe, and deceitfulness.” —Fallen Angel Reviews on Ghetto Princess

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About the author

Mia Edwards

Mia Edwards is the author of Ghetto Princess. She resides in Brooklyn, New York, where she is at work on her next novel.

Mia Edwards

Mia Edwards

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