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Mackerel Sky

Mackerel Sky

A Novel

Natalee Caple

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A novel of criminal intrigue, eccentric love and the power of women.

After a twenty-year absence, Guy Vidoq is returning home to meet his daughter for the first time. He discovers his mercurial daughter, Isabelle, has been raised in a bizzarre, cloistered environment by her libertine mother, Martine, who is now living with a young man, Harry, roughly the age of their daughter. If the intense, closed and sensual relationship of these three housemates wasn't bad enough, Guy soon discovers that the entire household is deeply enmeshed in a counterfeiting operation that produces fake American currency for the black market.

Extraordinarily intelligent, though volatile, Martine soon becomes the obsession of Guy, turning his world upside down. As they begin to rekindle their relationship, tension in the house rises. And when the counterfeiting operation begins to break down, everyone finds themselves in desperate situations as they are each drawn closer to the criminal underworld.

Compared to Milan Kundera, Leonard Cohen and Barbara Gowdy, Natalee Caple constructs an exquisite portrayal of the human psyche with a daring, provocative style. Reminiscent of crime films from the French New Wave, Mackerel Sky is a dark, thrilling novel about seduction, the intricate, often destructive relationship between parent and child, and the impulses of the heart.


There was a time when I thought a great deal about money. Then one day instead of going to my office I visited the aquarium. I found myself standing in front of a tank, staring at the seahorses hovering beneath the exit sign. Their spiny, white...


Praise for Mackerel Sky

“Natalee Caple is a brilliant story-teller. This novel of erotic compulsion, counterfeiting and murder moves with increasing pace and tension to an extraordinary climax.” —D.M. Thomas, author of The White Hotel

Mackerel Sky is an unusual-and unusually satisfying-novel about family. Propelled by menacing suspense and buoyed upon its honest sexuality, Natalee Caple's American debut tells a compelling story of awkward reunions and tragic collisions, all of them fated and necessary.” —Andrew Pyper, author of Lost Girls and The Trade Mission

“This is a love story unlike any other with heart-thumping suspense and characters to inhabit your dreams.” —Linda Spalding, author of A Dark Place in the Jungle

“Natalee Caple writes with sensual and captivating detail of people whose dreams drive them to unanticipated extremities. This is a dark, urgent, funny novel.” —Catherine Bush, author of The Rules of Engagement

“Scintillating . . . hyper-erotic, beautiful, and hilariously funny . . .this entire novel sparks with an erotic, breathless tension that will pull you to the end and leave you wanting more.” —Edmonton Journal

Mackerel Sky is a tightly plotted, fast-moving novel. It hurtles along like a runaway train full of wild characters . . . like watching a matinee in a darkened theatre, you find yourself stumbling into the light when it's over.” —Vancouver Sun

“Caple's story brings new life to the common theme of criminal intrigue by imbuing ferociously independent women with the balance of power. . . Mackerel Sky is an absorbing novel.” —Winnipeg Free Press

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About the author

Natalee Caple

Natalee Caple launched her Canadian literary career in 1998 with her debut story collection The Heart Is Its Own Reason, which captured the attention of the New York Times Book Review and garnered high international praise. She is the author of one previous novel, The Plight of Happy People in an Ordinary World, as well as a collection of poetry entitled A More Tender Ocean and coeditor of The Notebook: Interviews and New Fiction from Contemporary Writers. Mackerel Sky is her American debut.

Natalee Caple

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