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Matthew Meets the Man

Matthew Meets the Man

Travis Nichols

Roaring Brook Press


Matthew Swanbeck has a classic problem. Back in seventh grade, his dad talked him into playing the trumpet instead of the drums. Now he's a lowly brass player in the school marching band. Until one day he has an epiphany: He can start his own band, play in all the cool rock venues, even go on tour ... if only he can scrape together the cash to buy a drum set. But how will he ever get the money together when The Man thwarts him at every turn, taking taxes out of his paycheck, forcing him to mow the lawn for a measly $10 a week, and creating all of those rules that get in the way of dreams? It's one teen against the system in this light-hearted look at the challenges and rewards of chasing your dreams.

Bank Street Best Children's Book of the Year

Matthew Meets the Man

You know what happens on Thursday afternoons in mid-sized cities in Texas? Nothing. My town, like a lot of places I guess, is like a suburb without a metropolis. A place where the...

Praise for Matthew Meets the Man

“Nichols writes in a snappy, conversational style; the plot moves as quickly as Matt's ever-scheming brain.” —School Library Journal

“A light-hearted tale of a likable kid trying to be cool and survive high school at the same time.” —Kirkus Reviews

“…a welcome indie twist…” —BCCB

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Read the Kirkus Review of MATTHEW MEETS THE MAN . Fourteen-year-old Matthew Swanbeck takes on "The Man" in this humorous slice of high-school life. - Kirkus Reviews

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Travis Nichols

A former member of Austin indie bands The Needies and Omega Monster Patrol, Travis Nichols is all too familiar with the joys and heartaches of starting a band. He has also authored Punk Rock Etiquette: The Ultimate How-To Guide for D.I.Y., Punk, Indie, and Underground Bands for Roaring Brook Press. He lives in New York.

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