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Out of My Skin

Out of My Skin

A Novel

John Haskell

Farrar, Straus and Giroux



Trade Paperback

Los Angeles. A would-be movie reviewer, looking for romance, takes an assignment to write a magazine article about celebrity look-alikes. After getting to know a Steve Martin impersonator, the writer decides to undertake his own process of transformation and becomes not Steve Martin but a version of him—graceful, charming, at home in the world. Safe in the guise of "Steve," he begins to fall in love. And that's when "Steve" takes over. Set in the capital of illusion, this is a story of one man's journey into paradise—and his attempt to come out the other side.


What happened to me was—not me, but what happened—I'm from New York originally and I moved to Los Angeles to write about movies. Now, instead of writing about movies or people making movies, I was somewhere off the California coast, in the middle...



John Haskell discusses Out of My Skin

Author John Haskell describes the process of developing characters for his new novel, Out of My Skin, and fitting them into the intangible romance of Los Angeles.


Praise for Out of My Skin

“The best new novel I've read in several years.” —Benjamin Kunkel, author of Indecision

“Gutsy, weirdly engrossing . . . This strange, moving book has done just what a first novel should.” —Taylor Antrim, The New York Times Book Review

“My novel of the year.” —Geoff Dyer, The Independent (London)

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About the author

John Haskell

JOHN HASKELL is the author of American Purgatorio and of the short-story collection I Am Not Jackson Pollock. A contributor to the radio program The Next Big Thing, he lives in Brooklyn, New York.

John Haskell

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