Macmillan Learning

Macmillan Learning

Macmillan Learning has become a dynamic force in the North American educational market by combining the strengths of several highly successful companies without sacrificing each member’s distinctive individual identity. Each company – Bedford/St. Martins, Hayden-McNeil, W.H. Freeman & Company, and Worth Publishers – boasts in its portfolio a number of landmark books, as well as innovative electronic and multimedia products, and each is known throughout the educational publishing world for superior text development and production.

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Bedford/St. Martin’s

Established in 1981, Bedford/St. Martin’s is a college publisher specializing in the humanities. It is the largest publisher of textbooks for English composition courses, as well as a leading publisher in the disciplines of history, literature, communications, and music. They publish the best-selling textbook in the United States: A Writer’s Reference by Diana Hacker, now out in its sixth edition. A number of other best-selling texts in the B/SM list include The St. Martin’s Guide to College Writing, The American Promise, Media & Culture, and Patterns for College Writing.

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Hayden-McNeil is a leading publisher of custom course materials for the Higher Education market. Founded in 1992 by Patrick Olson, Hayden-McNeil partners with college educators to create custom, course-specific textbooks and other instructional materials based on professors’ own manuscripts and at their direction. In addition, Hayden-McNeil is a leading provider of laboratory notebooks used in the teaching of secondary and college laboratory science. Hayden-McNeil is known throughout the higher education business as the gold-standard in custom publishing for the quality of the materials it produces, the customer service it provides, and its dedication to building successful, long-term relationships with its customers.

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W. H. Freeman

W. H. Freeman and Company was founded in 1946 by former Macmillan salesman and editor William H. Freeman. From its first book (General Chemistry by the late Nobel laureate Linus Pauling) to the present, Freeman titles have consistently offered impeccable authorship, superb production and design, and an emphasis on the real-world applications and pivotal scientific discoveries. Those values are exemplified in such bestsellers as David Moore’s The Basic Practice of Statistics, Lubert Stryer’s Biochemistry, James Watson’s Recombinant DNA, Peter Atkins’s Physical Chemistry, and Jon Rogawski’s Calculus. Freeman is also at the forefront of developing state-of-the-art media products for instructors and students.

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Worth Publishers

In January 1966, Robert Worth and colleagues from W.A. Benjamin, Inc. founded Worth Publishers, a new company with a unique philosophy—publish small number of strong titles at the introductory and intermediate level across a wide range of disciplines. Now Worth focuses exclusively on the social sciences, with a list that includes David Myers’s Psychology and its brief, modular, and Canadian versions (far and away the bestselling franchise in introductory psychology); Paul Krugman’s Economics (the most successful new introductory economics textbook of our time) and Gregory Mankiw’s classroom favorite, Macroeconomics. Worth’s media development to support teaching and learning in the courses for which they publish has earned worldwide acclaim.

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