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Jumper (Volume 2)

Steven Gould

Tor Science Fiction



Mass Market Paperbound

Davy has always been alone. He believes that he's the only person in the world who can teleport. But what if he isn't?

A mysterious group of people has taken Davy captive. They don't want to hire him, and they don't have any hope of appealing to him to help them. What they want is to own him. They want to use his abilities for their own purposes, whether Davy agrees to it or not. And so they set about brainwashing him and conditioning him. They have even found a way to keep a teleport captive.

But there's one thing that they don't know. No one knows it, not even Davy. And it might save his life....


Chapter One

"Davy was gone."

The first time was like this.

"You are the most stubborn man I've ever met."

The latest incarnation of this argument started in a little pastry shop on Sullivan Street, New York City.



Praise for Reflex

“This is a fun, fast-paced novel that - like Gould's other books - also has a social conscience that gives it more depth than such a story might have in lesser hands. You don't need to have read Jumper to enjoy the new novel, but [it's] highly recommended.” —Charles de Lint, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction on Reflex

“Though Gould continues to exuberantly press the boundaries of scientific credibility, his gift for placing ordinary people in extraordinary situations against a backdrop of international concerns makes this fast-paced adventure sizzle.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review on Reflex

“The theme of Steven Gould's JUMPER is, quite literally, escape. The first half of JUMPER has a charm and bounce that carry the reader past the implausibility's inherent in the premise-imagine a Holden Caulfield with the power of life or death over the jerks and phonies.” —The New York Times Book Review on Jumper

“Sprightly first novel combining revenge, growing up, lonely superman and abuse-of-power motifs centered on a classic science-fiction theme: teleportation. ... An exceptionally well-organized debut, with thoughtful ideas, a controlled plot, and characters -- particularly the young protagonist -- portrayed with insight and compassion.” —Kirkus Reviews on Jumper

“Gould makes an auspicious debut with this playful and moving look at a hallowed science fiction concept: teleportation. ...Short fiction has earned this author a reputation in "hard" science fiction, and he applies similar logic to teleportation. ...His warm, delightful, and compulsively readable displays assured storytelling skill.” —Publishers Weekly on Jumper

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