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Rich Again

Rich Again

A Novel

Anna Maxted

St. Martin's Griffin



Trade Paperback

Walk-in closet full of designer everything? Check. Private Caribbean island? Check. Connection to the aristocracy? Working on it. Cunning, malicious stalker? Double check.

Welcome to the world of the Kents, a charismatic, ambitious, and fabulously wealthy English family with two sisters – one as strong and sparkling as the other is delicate and wounded – who must somehow put their differences aside to keep an unknown enemy from bringing them down. Wild and beautiful Emily Kent has had the world laid at her feet by her ruthless mother and billionaire father – but it's not enough. Gifted with her mother's to-die-for looks, her father's hard-scrabble business sense, and both of her parents' lust for control, Emily is determined to make her own luck by seducing the only man she's ever wanted, a man who can make her dreams of attaining the heights of old-money English society come true. By contrast, Emily's step-sister, Claudia, is a fragile soul—her mother died when she was five, leaving her to the unkind reign of step-mother Innocence. In an uncharacteristic burst of rebellion, Claudia trades her gilded lifestyle for an ordinary flat and daytime job where she meets the man of her dreams… or so she imagines.

But, Emily and Claudia are caught up in a desperate situation that may be beyond their control. As for their father, disgraced tycoon Jack Kent, and his wife Innocence, they are too obsessed with the fight for supremacy over their vast empire to see that a mighty and sinister opponent is plotting to ruin them all.



It was 10.30 a.m. and Emily lay naked on the lilo, using her mother's favourite suede coat as a towel, and let the gentle breeze waft her around the infinity pool. In one hand...


Praise for Rich Again

“A rip-roaring tale... the flow is smart, crisp and riveting.” —Publishers Weekly

“A clever take on decadence and deceit.” —Complete Woman

“Readers will find themselves engrossed in the torrid tale.” —Booklist

“The writing is fast-paced and the plot engrossing… Maxted hits her writing groove.” —Library Journal

About the author

Anna Maxted

Anna Maxted is the internationally bestselling author of Getting Over It, Running in Heels, Behaving Like Adults, Being Committed, and A Tale of Two Sisters. She lives in London with her husband and their three sons.

Anna Maxted

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