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Samirah's Ride: The Story of an Arabian Filly

Samirah's Ride: The Story of an Arabian Filly

The Breyer Horse Collection (Volume 3)

Annie Wedekind

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Trade Paperback

Samirah's Ride is the third book in Annie Wedekind's The Breyer Horse Collection series

Samirah is an eight-year-old Arabian mare, who has been carefully raised and trained by her girl, Jasper, to be the ultimate family ranch horse. Sami has long sensed that Jasper is itching for freedom, and wants to be a real cowgirl. And when Jasper hears a rumor that her family is being forced to sell their ranch and decides to run away, the filly and her girl find themselves lost in a beautiful, legendary wilderness, but one fraught with dangers. Sami must use all of her resources and strength to keep them both alive. Our Arabian will do everything for her girl, and the girl will do everything for her horse.


Full of fire and full of bone, All his line of fathers known
MY NAME IS SAMIRAH—SAMI FOR SHORT, since I live on a ranch where almost everyone acquires a nickname. My old master came into this world as Jedediah Munk, and will leave...


Praise for Samirah's Ride: The Story of an Arabian Filly

“Horse fans and animal lovers will embrace this book with unbridled enthusiasm. It deserves a place next to Marguerite Henry or even Jack London on young readers' bookshelves.” —School Library Journal on Wild World

“Sensitive, sophisticated and lyrically written, Wedekind's debut portrays the typical teen struggle for self-awareness in an anything-but-typical fashion. Possibly the most honest horse book since National Velvet, from an equestrian point-of-view, this offering's riding scenes combine accuracy with seat-of-the-pants excitement. A champion.” —Kirkus Reviews, starred review on A Horse of Her Own

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Annie Wedekind

Annie Wedekind grew up riding horses in Louisville, Kentucky. Since then, she's been in the saddle in every place she's lived, from Rhode Island to New Orleans, South Africa to New York. Her first novel, A Horse of Her Own, was praised by Kirkus as "possibly the most honest horse book since National Velvet . . . A champion." She is also the author of The Breyer Horse Collection books, including Wild Blue, Little Prince, and Mercury's Flight. She lives with her family in Brooklyn, New York.

Annie Wedekind

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