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An Epic Novel of Thieves' World

Thieves' World (Volume 1)

Lynn Abbey

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From the Bestselling Fantasy Adventure Series, Thieves' World (tm)
Created by Robert Lynn Asprin & Lynn Abbey

Return To The City That Would Not Die!
Return To Thieves' World!
Return To Sanctuary!

Thieves' World was the bestselling and first of the shared world phenomenon, selling well over a million copies of anthologies detailing the exploits and intrigues of the high-born and low-born denizens of Sanctuary, a city that has seen many masters.

The Age of Ranke and the reign of Kadakithis, the occupation of the Beysib, the war of the gods and indeed the erstwhile Renaissance are now all in the past. Memories of heroes and villains, glory and savagery have all been relegated to the shadows of yesteryear as present-day residents once again apply themselves to the task at hand: survival.

Only Molin Torchholder, architect of Sanctuary's glory and master of her secrets. knows the whole truth, but he is dying . . . He must hold on until he can pass along the city's hidden history of empires come and gone and blood shed for reason and naught. Aiding him are a lowly laborer named Cauvin, himself a survivor of one of the city's darkest moments, and a young boy named Bec.

So many secrets and so little time. And as Molin's chronicles of the past unfold, even darker forces return, an evil that jeopardizes the very survival of a city that until now has always refused to die.

Sanctuary - An Epic Novel of Thieves' World ushers in a whole new age of tales, a whole new age of Thieves' World.

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Chapter One
A full moon shone over Sanctuary, revealing boats in its harbor, dwellings within and without its coiled walls. The city appeared prosperous, but Sanctuary always shone brightest at night. In sunlight,...


Praise for Sanctuary

“ Fans of Thieves' World will relish this sprawling epic, rich with sword and sorcery ... and after ten years, the gates to this famed city are reopened, assuring all that more adventures are just around the corner” —Publishers Weekly

“Good news for all heroic fantasy fans.” —Booklist

“Although this is primarily an adventure story, and a pretty good one at that, it is also a richer and more detailed novel ... the book is both more ambitious and more rewarding than most similar fantasy adventures, as well as providing a nostalgic return to the Thieves' World” —Science Fiction Chronicle

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About the author

Lynn Abbey

Lynn Abbey lives in Leesburg, Florida. A noted fantasy novelist in her own right, she was co-creator of the original Thieves' World (tm) series with her ex-husband Robert Lynn Asprin

Lynn Abbey



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