A Jaymie Zarlin Mystery


Karen Keskinen

About this Series

Private Investigator Jaymie Zarlin and her assistant Gabi Gutierrez peel back the luscious surface of Santa Barbara, California, to expose corruption and murder in Blood Orange and Black Current, the first two novels in this sharply-written and compelling new multicultural mystery series. Zarlin, who prefers to work missing-person cases, finds herself pulled in to investigate a series of brutal homicides. As she struggles to help the most vulnerable in her city, each case brings her a step closer to uncovering the truth about her own brother, who died three years earlier in police custody. In the Jaymie Zarlin mystery series, author Karen Keskinen deftly explores the dark secrets and treacherous divides marked by race, money, and class in a West Coast ocean-side town.

About the Author

About the Author