An Art Oveson Mystery


Andrew Hunt

About this Series

On the surface, Salt Lake City appears squeaky clean, with its wide streets, numerous ice cream parlors, sizable Mormon population, and majestic mountains forming a rugged backdrop. But looks can be deceiving. Not even this seemingly idyllic mecca is free of crime. Sometimes horrific acts of savagery occur in the places that seem the most wholesome. Art Oveson, a police detective from a family full of lawmen, made his first appearance in the Tony Hillerman Award-winning historical mystery novel City of Saints. He cherishes his family, his church, and the memory of his father, a police inspector mysteriously slain when Art was an adolescent. Living in the shadow of this traumatic event, Art seeks to make good on a vow he made to his deceased father: To relentlessly pursue justice in his beloved Salt Lake City, at any cost, even if it puts his life – or the lives of those he loves – in danger.

About the Author

About the Author