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Angel Beats

  • Angel Beats!: Heaven's Door Vol. 1
    • Angel Beats!: Heaven's Door Vol. 1

    • Angel Beats (Volume 1)
      Jun Maeda
      Seven Seas

    • Based on the hit anime, Angel Beats!: Heaven's Door delves into the early years of the Angel Beats! universe, as we learn the origin story of heroine Yuri, who assembles a motley crew of deserted souls in their fight against God.

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      • Physical Book

Jun Maeda

Jun Maeda is a Japanese author best known as the creator of the Angel Beats franchise, as well as several popular light novels including Air, CLANNAD, and Kanon.

Yuriko Asami

Yuriko Asami is a Japanese manga artist best known for her work on the Angel Beats!: Heaven's Door series.