Ethan Mordden

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For a generation, Ethan Mordden’s Buddies novels, featuring a tightly knit circle of friends who live within the shifting confines of gay Manhattan—the ultimate hunk Carlo; the best friend Dennis Savage; J. (who was once Little Kiwi); Cosgrove the maturing elf-child; and narrator and ultimate observer Bud—have entertained tens of thousands of readers and devoted fans.

In a voice at once ironic, wistful, witty, and profound, Mordden investigates his suspicion that all of gay life is stories and that, somehow or other, all these stories are about love.

“A sophisticated stack of stories that reunited our favorite fictional cast and provide wry commentary on queer life from one of our most reliable authors.”—The Advocate (on Some Men Are Lookers)

About the Author

About the Author