Dave the Unicorn


Pip Bird, David O'Connell

About this Series

Welcome to Unicorn School, where you get your own unicorn best friend! You go on magical quests together! There is glitter! There is even more glitter!

In Pip Bird and David O’Connell’s laugh-out-loud illustrated chapter book series, Mira goes to unicorn school only to find herself paired with a very un-unicorn-y unicorn: Dave.

Dave loves doughnuts. He doesn’t follow directions very well. And he farts. A lot.

But Dave is unlike his fellow unicorns in another way: He’s a little smarter than they are. And he has a few tricks up his sleeve to show Mira—and all of us—that friendship is more important than sparkles and prancing.

This slyly funny series is full of adorable art and warm messages about accepting life as it comes, even if you were hoping for a pet dragon and got something a lot more like a very loyal guinea pig.

About the Author

About the Author