Timothy Zahn

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From Hugo Award-winner and New York Times best selling author Timothy Zahn comes the Dragonback series, a science fiction adventure involving an alien dragon and a teen on the run …

Jack Morgan has been framed for theft. He’s hiding on a distant planet with the virtual presence of his deceased Uncle Virge, a con man who has been his only family since Jack’s parents died. Jack knows he must clear his name before the cops catch up with him. A firefight among ships in the skies above leaves a downed ship near Jack’s hiding place, with a single unlikely survivor. It looks like a dragon, and it must join with a human host within six hours or die. The only available host is Jack.

“The opener of the Dragonback series is a romp of a space thriller. Readers will welcome further adventures.”–Booklist on Dragon and Thief

About the Author

About the Author