Electra McDonnell Series


Ashley Weaver

About this Series

Edgar-nominated author Ashley Weaver’s historical mystery series starring amateur sleuth and safe cracker Electra McDonnell, set in England during World War II, features plenty of spies, murder, romance, and the author’s winning humor.

In the first book, A Peculiar Combination, Electra “Ellie” McDonnell is caught red-handed breaking into a wealthy home to steal its precious jewels. Instead of heading straight to prison, Ellie’s sent to the home of a British officer, who pleads her to use her magnificent safe-cracking skills for the good of the war.

“Exciting . . . Brave Ellie and her aristocratic love should appeal to fans of Susan Elisa MacNeal and Tessa Arlen.”—Kirkus Reviews

About the Author

About the Author